Home come the Angels

But who will know we won? No-one

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19 October 1989
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Meet TheSummoningDark - TSD for short. She is an omnisexual engineering student from darkest Scotland who enjoys extreme sports, movies, books, vehicles - the faster the better - and attractive people of any available gender.

She writes much fic. She also flits from fandom to fandom like a hummingbird on speed, so read ye of her WIPs and despair. At the moment it's Star Trek and The A-Team, but this is liable to change at the drop of a hat tribble and/or cigar.

And then of course there's Top Gear, which is always awesome no matter what the current obsession is.

eleclya_m is awesome colourbar-making love!

So you made it through that spiel? Good. You may be alright here after all ;D I don't get to write as often as I'd like - I wasn't joking about the WIP's - so unless you really want to hear me babbling about my crazy family and my ongoing war with both the educational system and the NHS, I'd skip straight to the fic index.

*cough* So. Yes. Sit ye doon and coorie in. I don't bite.

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